If You Are Looking For 2-Way Radio System, Spectrum Wireless & Motorola have the Solution.

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Providing 2-way Motorola radio coverage to the Naples, Bonita Springs, Estero, Marco Island, Fort Myers, Sanibel and Cape Coral area for over 23 years .

Spectrum Wireless Services

  • In most cases, your Motorola 2-way radios require special programming software to add, delete or change channels. Let Spectrum Wireless handle all of your programming needs. No programming job is too big or too small. Programming is included when you purchase your radio from Spectrum, and our reprogramming rates for existing equipment are very competitive.

    We will also manage and store your frequencies and talk groups in our secure database as well. Reprogramming can be done on site or at our Service Center. Just tell us what works for you.

  • Spectrum Wireless offers repair of Motorola 2-way radio equipment as well as iDen handsets. Whether you need repair and tuning of your portable 2-way radio or a service call on your repeater system, Spectrum's fully-trained service technicians are ready to handle the job. Repairs of mobile and portable devices are completed at our service center, allowing our customers to have minimal down-time. We also boast an impressive inventory of repair parts and accessories to keep your communications working properly.

    Spectrum Wireless' seasoned technical staff is ready to handle the installation and maintenance of your Motorola communications equipment. From base stations to repeater systems, from car kits to mobile radios, from advanced trunked systems to cellular amplifiers, Spectrum will consult with you and ensure every need is met. We provide installation and field service within Collier, Charlotte, Lee and Hendry counties. Please contact us for current labor rates.

  • Let Spectrum Wireless design your wireless communication system. We have the experience and know-how to engineer a system that will meet and exceed your expectations for years to come. Our staff will work closely with your team to ensure the system we design will provide longevity and scaleability.
    The FCC has strict requirements for users of 2-way radio.

    We're ready to help cut throught the red tape and help you manage your FCC license. Spectrum can assist with new applications, modifications and construction notifications.

    The less you have to worry, the more effort you can put into doing what you do best... operating your business!

  • What better way to protect your Motorola 2-way radio investment than permanent, fill-paint engraving? Spectrum Wireless offers engraving of all 2-way radio equipment with availability of several colors. Use engraving to identify your radios as your property. Or engrave your radios to differentiate between different departments or unit numbers.

    Either way, engraving has become a must have for 2-way radio users. And if you're looking for a less permanent solution, Spectrum offers multiple labeling methods to accommodate your every need.

Why Use Spectrum Wireless

You are our #1 priority:

  • 2-Way Motorola (income/outcome interrelation, net profit)
  • Engraving(data collection and thorough analysis)
  • Servicing (channels, newspapers, radio)
  • Analytics reports (vulnerabilities and opportunities)
  • Proposal for future development (plans and scenarios)
  • Customer satisfaction (guaranteed)

Spectrum Wireless Products

About Spectrum Wireless

SpectrumtowerWe'd like to thank you for visiting our site. Spectrum Wireless has been providing Southwest Florida the best in wireless communications since 1991. In fact, this year marks our 21 year anniversary!

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Established as Motorola's first dealership in Lee County, we have built our reputation on integrity, quality products and services and prompt customer care. Our customers enjoy a long, collaborative relationship with our staff, enabling our team to personalize your company's wireless solution.

Whenever and where ever your workers need to be mobile, Spectrum Wireless is committed to providing the solution that makes sense for your business. Our clients see the difference we bring to the table through the many of the technology partnerships we utilize. This allows us to provide all aspects of wireless communication: from wide area solutions to emergency and on site applications and everything in between.

Motorola 2-Way Radios

Spectrum Wireless offers a robust selection of Motorola radios to meet every need. Being the Motorola's first dealership in Southwest Florida, we've had 21 years to build a reputation of quality customer service and customer satisfaction. To see our 2-Way Product Catalogue, just click the link below. There you will find portables, mobiles, bases, repeaters and so much more. You will also be able to search all available accessories by radio model.

Why use 2-way radios? That's easy...

  • Motorola radios provide onsite communication without a monthly cost.
  • Motorola radios enhance security and safety for your mobile workforce
  • 2-way's "all talk" feature allows supervisors to monitor what's being said in the field.
  • Motorola radios are RUGGED! These products are built to withstand the harsh rigors that you demand from your communications.
  • Reliability. Motorola continually raises the bar when it comes to reliability.

What  businesses benefit from 2-way radio?

  • Hotels and Resorts
  • Public Safety
  • Golf Courses and Club Houses
  • Construction and Utilities
  • Field Services, HVAC, Plumbing, Pest Control, etc.
  • Property Management
  • Events and Destination Management
  • Transportation and Logistics
  • Manufacturing and Warehouses
  • Hospitals and Healthcare
  • Restaurants and Hospitality